• The Bangalore School of Early Childhood Education Centre is a great experience for Pre schools for in and around whitefield. It is a progressive and secular school with a blend of comprehensive skills and concepts to make the children face the global challenges of tomorrow.
  • A never heard of Reflection rooms for kindergartners, challenging outdoor investigating centres, weather stations and adventure programmes in campus for the children. The parents look forward to potlucks, ice cream socials, healthy cooking sessions and coffee morning sessions. An interactive syllabus interwoven with state of art technology which prepares the child to face the 21st century.
  • At TBS the kids are taught how to achieve the best social behavior, interpersonal skills, be communicative and stand out as a caring individual. TBS intends to make the child self confident. TBS makes a difference in the child and creates a caring community.
  • The role of the staff is to create an atmosphere of respect and autonomy; a climate in which there is a balance of reason, choice, trust, safety, spontaneity, appropriate limits and challenge. A constructive learning amidst nature where the children spend more time outdoors than indoors getting Vitamin-D sunshine stressing on the basics which makes the children lifelong learners.
  • Making Learning Fun and interesting through practical workstations, thematic interdisciplinary connections across the subjects.
  • Technology enabled curriculum makes them interact with the students across countries through virtual classroom and the school plans to connect to classrooms in UK through konnecting the classroom programme. The standards are carefully graded by incorporating Emotional, Intelligence, Social Quotient across the curriculum. Our concepts are based on Reggio Emilia methodology, Rudolph Steiner’s concept, Carl Roger’s and Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences and Montessori method can be seen across the curriculum.
  • The Students are made to think, explore, ask, discover and connect to real life situations and respect environment. Fun with science and kindergarten experiments are the first of its kind. A set of science kits on STEM are designed only for TBS.
  • We have a close relationship with parents and community.
  • A highly specified learning standards of international quality is established to promote constructive learning to meet the future challenges in all areas of human endeavour. It follows the curriculum of Tomorrow.
  • A few corporate companies have come ahead to partner with TBS as their employees are interested in their Wonder Garden (Extended daycare) programme.

The co-curriculars are :

1. Story Telling with puppets
2. Brain Gym activities
3. Multi Activity Resource , Reading and reflection room with cyber space
4. Theatre (Expression in Dramatic Play)
5.  Music And Dance centres
6.  Ball Pool Stations
7.  Tree house and Adventure area
8.  Mud pie Kitchen and Art studio
9.  Open air expression Centre and gazebo.
10. Eco friendly activities (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
11. Activity centre.
12. Challenging outdoor investigative weather stations.
13. Sports by Pitch sports.
14. Sand pit area compline with safety norms

At TBS we have

1. Child teacher ratio 1:12
2. Flip classroom methodology
3. Wonder and Nature kindergarten programme in Day care
4. Science activities and projects done by kids including culmination of countries of the month
5. Beyond school activities dance, music, theatre, robotics, karate, art
6. Fun home sheets