Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), When we incorporate arts along with science, maths, engineering, and science then it’s known as STEAM.


We at The Bangalore School STEAM as a very important and integral part of our curriculum. It is a very educational platform for kids to enhance their observational skills, cognitive skills, logical reasoning, and hence understand the practical application of the scientific concepts that are introduced at the early childhood level keeping in mind the age of the child. Along with that we also teach basic concepts on Robotics, basic concepts of electronics or circuits, and various other scientific experiments for example chromatography, etc.


We also do live projects of STEAM in our classrooms to give children a practical understanding of the mechanism of a particular concept. When we execute a particular concept it is an integration of our philosophies of teaching and learning, methods of teaching, core subjects, and Steam. All put together we make our Integrated Curriculum.