An empty refrigerator box becomes a spaceship. A piece of cloth becomes the shawl of an Arabian princess. A group of blocks becomes a horde of prehistoric animals in a jungle….yes you read it right!! At TBS, these little ones embarking on their learning journey get wings to their imagination and creativity. The entire set-up of the kindergarten environment is in the form of play because we believe that virtually every significant contribution to culture originally stemmed from a playful act that had its seeds in childhood and hence this extraordinary feature of play, coupled with its social, emotional, physical, and cognitive benefits, makes the early childhood education curriculum at TBS unique and child centric.

One of the most important ways children learn about the concepts is through experience and touching, which often happens when they play. Play, in addition to being a natural activity for young children, helps them learn social skills, promotes their emotional development, and allows them to exercise their creativity. The Pre-Primary program is developmentally designed and appropriate to the extent that it values multisensory and hands-on learning, natural environments (e.g., lofts, gardens, plants, the arts, animals), and a child-centered approach to learning. The fundamental curriculum is designed to build a strong foundation for Social, Emotional, and Intellectual Growth. TBS believes in the following effective components for a high-quality early childhood programs:

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